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Based on standards of good governance and over 20 years of practical experience, Board HealthScore™ supports boards on their governance journey.

Whether you are a Board Chair or professional advisor serving a board, we can help you understand where things stand today, and what the board should focus on for maximum impact.

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Board HealthScore™ assesses six areas of governance that are most critical to Board effectiveness:

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Governance Structures, Composition and Talent

What legal structures and models are in place, and are they appropriate for the organization’s activities? Are the Board’s mandate and responsibilities clear? How is the Board composed? What are the director's roles and responsibilities? Does the current Board offer all the right skills and competencies to execute good governance? Does the board obtain independent advice?

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Duty of Care and Fiduciary Responsibilities

To which stakeholders are Directors collectively responsible? Is that accountability clear? Is the Board effectively executing a duty of care and discharging its fiduciary responsibilities?

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Board Practices, Policies and Procedures

What Board-level policies are in place? Are they adequate, and what would we expect to see in such an organization? Are the Board processes appropriate to execute good governance (such as strategic planning, monitoring compliance and organizational performance, succession planning, director recruiting or elections, selecting a new Executive Director or CEO)? Where are the gaps? How does the Board prioritize diversity, and how does it show up in director recruitment?

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CEO Support, Selection and Performance

How is the CEO selected? How does the Board provide oversight to the CEO? How is his/her performance evaluated? Is there a succession plan in place?

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Risk Oversight

How does the Board monitor compliance with regulatory and other requirements, and monitor the changing risk environment? How does it satisfy itself that the organization is ‘on top of’ major risks (e.g. strategic, financial, cyber-threat, environmental, legislative, etc.)? How has COVID-19 been factored into the organization’s operating plans and business continuity?

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Governance Culture

How well does the Board Chair foster discussion and debate? What are the Board’s typical norms, behaviours and practices? Does this culture promote or impede good governance? How?

Board HealthScore™ was designed by our founder, Kathryn Cosgrove.

Kathryn has most of spent her professional life serving for-profit and non-profit organizations, often helping them wrestle down business issues and complex strategic problems.

Kathryn brings global consulting experience and a unique specialization in governance from her work at one of the world's largest consulting and advisory firms, Deloitte. Kathryn's vision is to empower leaders, to inspire Boards to reach for more, and to enable all organizations to more quickly achieve the strategic outcomes they desire.

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