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Built-in leading practices

Board HealthScore™ reflects modern governance approaches across six critical areas that are most impactful to nonprofit good governance. Our database of leading practices is kept up to date, reflects a range of governance models & legal forms, and adapts to macro events like COVID-19, as well as gradual changes in good governance.

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No number-crunching required

Our rapid data collection minimizes the need for human effort in analyzing board data. Our automated visual scorecard is client-ready and helps you prioritize any identified issues and focus on the right actions.

Experience + analytics + benchmarking = Board HealthScore™

Understand where you are aligned with great governance practices, and where you should focus your attention as a Board. Using analytics, benchmarking and leveraging 20 years of experience, Board HealthScore™ will deliver an insightful report on the Board’s effectiveness that is easy for Board members to review and understand. We help you avoid ‘busywork’ by zeroing in the issues that really matter.

Our mission is to support great Boards do more great work.

When strong Boards get the information they need, they choose to work on the right things. Everything comes into focus. We know the governance journey is never-ending, but the first step to good governance is understanding where your Board is today.

A better board evaluation

Rapid data capture

Our proprietary tool collects structured data on the organization, its governance structures and board practices, and assesses in real-time.

Automated results

Responses are compared to established practices and standards, and potential governance issues are flagged.

Visual scorecard

An easy to digest, customized report is delivered directly to your key contact, or business advisor who is leading the process.

Secure enough to trust with the most candid feedback

Board Healthscore™ is built for security and housed in data centres located within your country. Client data is anonymized and protected by authentication that meets ISO27001, SOC 2 Type II, and Gold CSA Star standards.

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The power of information in your hands.

Qualified non-profit Boards can also access Board HealthScore™ at a significant discount.
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22%of the Fortune 100 use third-parties to evaluate board performance because they know governance matters

Board HealthScore™ helps boards focus on what matters most

That’s why we created Board HealthScore™: to deliver the same external perspective, benchmarks, and governance insights without the expense of an external consultant. We know from decades of experience that when nonprofit boards understand their role and focus on the right issues, the organization is more impactful, credible to funders, and resilient in these turbulent times.

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