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High-quality, digital board evaluations help set governance priorities

For professional advisors that serve non-profit and for-profit boards

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Easy Project Planning

Board HealthScore™ helps you plan advisory assignments quickly and easily. You can use it as an accelerator to an existing assignment, or have the client self-serve.

Either way, you get the report first and can manage client discussions.

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Quick Start

Our pre-built surveys are ready to send. You can set up and launch a board evaluation in less than 5 mins.

Or, you can easily delegate set up to someone else.

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Send and Track Surveys

Each participant receives a unique link to a confidential governance survey.

You can easily track and follow-up on incomplete surveys through your personalized dashboard.

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Get Results

Board HealthScore™ generates a client-ready visual scorecard when surveys are complete. And no spreadsheets! The scorecard identifies the client's governance score, areas of concern and possible follow-up opportunities that you may be interested in. Priorities are easily identified, based on the timelines recommended in the report.

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Manage Client Engagement

We know how important it is to manage your professional brand when interacting with clients. You control when and how the client accesses their results.

And Board HealthScore™ surveys and final report are branded with your company name. Not ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Board HealthScore™ evaluate Board Committees, Committee Chairs and/or individual Board members? What about Board Chair performance?

Yes we can! Our standard package is an evaluation of the effectiveness of “Board-as-a-whole”. We offer add-on modules to assess the effectiveness:

  • Board Chair
  • Board Committees
  • Board Committee Chair
  • Individual Board members
  • Executive Director / CEO performance

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

I’m a business consultant / lawyer / accountant. How can Board HealthScore™ support my business?

Nonprofit organizations need certain professional services more than others. They often need consulting help to identify governance challenges, legal advice on Board matters and by-law interpretation, and audit or accounting help to understand their financial position and major risks. By including Board HealthScore™ as part of their offering, business advisors can more profitably serve nonprofit clients and ‘give back’ to the community by supporting an organization’s governance journey. See how it works here [link to For Advisors content]

How is Board HealthScore™ different from a traditional Board evaluation?

Manual board evaluation processes are time-intensive. Business advisors often have to generate an evaluation tool, capture & process data, analyze results, and produce the written report by hand. Board HealthScore™ allows advisors to deliver that same exceptional service to nonprofit clients without the time and cost this work traditionally required.

What if we need more help?

Board HealthScore™ is here to serve - after all, we were a governance consulting firm first. We work with business advisors to provide post-evaluation support and implementation. We also work directly with non-profit Boards to develop a gameplan to move forward.

What if I have questions or disagree with something in the report?

We are always looking for feedback on the tool, how results are interpreted, and the format of the scorecard. We also want to know what real-life advisors are using it for! If you have any questions or comments to make, please contact us directly at __ and let us know. We would be happy to discuss your concerns and clarify the reporting if necessary.

How well will your board perform?

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